Is Up and Up Litter Discontinued (Out Of Stock)?

Have you been trying to get your hands on some Up and Up cat litter lately but can’t seem to find it in stores? Are you wondering if it has been discontinued? Finding reliable information about the availability of Up and Up cat litter can be difficult, but here is what you need to know.

The Facts About Up and Up Cat Litter Discontinuation

Up and Up cat litter is currently out of stock due to a manufacturing issue that occurred at one of its production facilities.

Although there has been no official announcement from the company regarding whether they plan to bring the product back or not, some sources indicate that it may return in the future. It’s important to note, however, that this is just speculation at this point.

In addition, Target offers an alternative product called “Tidy Cats” which is similar to Up and Up cat litter. This product can be found in select stores across the United States.

It’s also possible to purchase Tidy Cats online through Target’s website or other retailers such as Amazon or Walmart.

The Impact on Consumers

This news has been met with disappointment from consumers who have grown accustomed to using this particular brand of cat litter for their furry friends.

However, with alternative products available on the market such as Tidy Cats, consumers don’t have to worry about being without a reliable and affordable brand of cat litter.


Although Up and Up Cat Litter is currently out of stock due to a manufacturing issue, there are still plenty of alternatives available on the market for pet owners who are looking for a quality and affordable option for their feline friends.

For those who prefer the convenience of ordering online, many retailers offer Tidy Cats which is comparable in terms of quality and price compared to what was previously offered by Up and Up Cat Litter.

With this information, you can make an informed decision when it comes time to choose a new cat litter brand for your pet!

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