What Are The Best Wireless Dog Fences for Large Dogs?

If you have a large dog, you know how important it is to keep them safe and secure in your yard. A wireless dog fence is a great way to provide your pet with the freedom to roam while still keeping them in a secure and contained area.

Wireless fences are both convenient and easy to use and offer an effective solution for protecting your dog without traditional fencing.

A traditional wooden or chain-link fence can be expensive and difficult to install, but with the technology of wireless dog fences, you can easily keep your pup contained without breaking the bank.

But how do you know which wireless dog fence is right for you and your pup? We’ve compiled a list of the five best wireless dog fences for large dogs so you can make an educated decision when choosing the right system for your pet.

Wireless Dog Fences for Large Dog Breeds

1. Aweec Wireless Dog Fence

The Aweec wireless dog fence is the perfect system for a large breed of dog. It uses GPS technology to create an invisible boundary that keeps your pup safely contained within designated areas.

What’s more, this system also has several features that make it easier to monitor and manage your pet’s movements, such as remote monitoring, customizable alerts, and automatic shutoff timers.

2. WIEZ GPS Wireless Dog Fence

This system uses advanced GPS technology to create an invisible boundary that keeps your canine companion from straying too far from home.

The WIEZ GPS wireless dog fence also has several features that make it easier for you to keep track of where your furry friend is at all times, such as real-time tracking, customizable alerts, and adjustable boundaries.

3. JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

The JUSTPET wireless dog fence offers a simple solution that allows you to set up an invisible boundary around any area of up to 3 acres in size.

This system operates on batteries or solar power and comes with two adjustable collars so you can keep two large dogs safely contained within the same area.

Additionally, this product offers customizable alerts so you can be notified if one of your pups ventures outside of their designated space.

4. Blingbling Petsfun Electric Wireless Dog Fence System

This electric-powered system creates an invisible barrier around any given area up to 25 acres in size making it ideal for owners of multiple large dogs who want to keep them all safely contained together within one space.

This product also includes a remote control device that allows you to easily adjust settings from anywhere within range of the signal strength indicator lights on the device itself.

5. Pawious GPS Wireless Dog Fence

The Pawious GPS wireless dog fence is designed specifically with larger breeds in mind as it operates on rechargeable batteries making it perfect for containing larger dogs over longer periods of time without having to worry about battery life running out mid-way through containment sessions.

This product also comes with several features such as adjustable boundaries, customizable alerts, remote monitoring capabilities, and automated shutoff timers so you can stay informed about where your pup is located at all times even when they’re away from home.

6. Petsafe Wireless Pet Fence for Dogs Over 8 Pounds

The Petsafe Wireless Pet Fence is a great option for large dogs over 8 pounds. This system is easy to set up and use, and it allows you to create an invisible boundary around your property so your pup can’t wander off.

The included transmitter works with an underground wire that creates a circular boundary up to half an acre in size. It also features adjustable shock levels so you can customize the level of correction needed to keep your pup within the boundaries.

7. FOCUSER GPS Wireless Dog Fence System

Another great option for larger dogs is the Focuser GPS Wireless Dog Fence System. This system uses GPS technology to create a secure perimeter around your property that will ensure that your pup stays safely contained.

It has an adjustable range of up to 400 feet, and its waterproof collar receiver features four levels of shock correction so you can choose the right setting for your pup’s size and temperament.

It also comes with two sets of rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to worry about constantly buying new ones.

8. COVONO Wireless Dog Fence With GPS

The Covono Wireless Dog Fence with GPS is perfect for large breeds since it can cover up to 600 feet in any direction from its base station.

Its waterproof collar receiver also has four levels of shock correction as well as an adjustable range from 10-600 feet so it’s easy to customize this system for different sizes and temperaments of large dogs.

The base station runs on AC power or batteries and it has a built-in audio alert that will let you know if your pup gets too close to the boundary line.


No matter what type or size of dog you have, there are plenty of options when it comes to keeping them safe in your yard without spending a fortune on traditional fencing methods.

Our list above provides five top-rated products complete with detailed descriptions outlining each product’s features so that you have all the information necessary when making this important decision about keeping your four-legged friends safe and sound at home or away!

Whether you opt for one of these wireless dog fences or another model, investing in one now will help ensure that your large breed stays safely inside its boundaries while still giving them plenty of room to roam!

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