Is Program for Dogs and Cats Discontinued?

Pet owners have been asking the same question for months: Is Program flea control still discontinued? The answer is complicated and depends on what type of Program product you’re looking for. Here’s a breakdown of what’s being discontinued and what’s still available for cats and dogs.

Program Oral Liquid For Cats and Dogs Discontinued

The most widely-used form of Program flea control, an oral liquid medication taken by cats and dogs, was recently discontinued in the United States.

The manufacturer had difficulty acquiring the active ingredient, lufenuron, in sufficient quantities to meet customer demand. This means that Program oral liquid is no longer available to purchase in the US.

If you were using this type of Program product before it was discontinued, ask your veterinarian about other options.

Program Injectable Suspension For Cats Not Discontinued

Despite the discontinuation of the oral liquid version of Program flea control, there are still some products available that use lufenuron as an active ingredient.

Specifically, a long-acting injectable suspension called Program Injectable Suspension for Cats (or “PIFS-CATS”) is still available from veterinarians. PIFS-CATS is given as a single injection every 12 weeks to provide reliable protection against fleas for cats 8 weeks or older.


If you were relying on Program flea control for cats or dogs before it was discontinued, don’t worry—there are still options available to help keep your pet safe from fleas and other pests.

Talk to your veterinarian about alternatives such as PIFS-CATS injectable suspension so that you can find the best solution for your pet’s needs. With the right products and a bit of prevention, you can keep your pet happy and healthy year-round!

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