Is Garfield Cat Litter Discontinued?

If you’re looking for reliable and affordable cat litter, you may have stumbled upon the Garfield brand. Unfortunately, if you’ve been searching for this particular litter recently, you may have noticed that it’s getting harder to find.

Is the Garfield brand cat litter discontinued? We’ll explain what happened and what other options are available in this blog post.

The Garfield Brand of Cat Litter is Discontinued

Yes, unfortunately, the Garfield brand of cat litter has been discontinued by its manufacturer—Petco Animal Supplies Inc.—due to declining sales.

This decision was made back in late 2019 when Petco announced they would be discontinuing all products under the Garfield brand name.

While this means that pet owners will no longer be able to purchase this particular product, there is some good news: Petco still offers a similar product called Sustainably Yours.

What is Sustainably Yours?

Sustainably Yours is an eco-friendly cat litter that uses natural ingredients such as wood fiber, corn cob meal, and beet pulp to provide superior odor control while also being biodegradable and flushable.

The main difference between Sustainably Yours and the original Garfield litter is that Sustainably Yours does not contain any clay or silica dust, which can be harmful if inhaled by both cats and humans alike.

This makes it the perfect alternative for pet owners who are looking for an all-natural cat litter option.


If you’re a fan of the original Garfield brand of cat litter, we understand your disappointment at its discontinuation. However, Petco still offers a similar product called Sustainably Yours that provides superior odor control without any of the harmful ingredients found in traditional clumping litters.

So if you’re in search of an all-natural alternative to traditional clumping litters, make sure to check out Sustainably Yours today!

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