Is Ever Clean Cat Litter Discontinued?

It’s understandable why cat owners are asking whether Ever Clean Cat Litter has been discontinued. After all, the litter is no longer listed on the company’s website, and it seems to be absent from many pet stores.

However, rest assured that Ever Clean cat litter is not discontinued. Here’s what you need to know about this popular brand of cat litter.

What is Ever Clean Cat Litter?

Ever Clean Cat Litter was first introduced in 1996 by the pet product company Hartz. The litter offered an advanced clumping formula that quickly absorbed liquid waste and prevented odors from lingering in the air.

It was also designed to be dust-free, which made it easy for cats to paw at without getting dust or debris in their eyes or noses.

Where Can I Buy Ever Clean Cat Litter?

Even though the product is no longer listed on Hartz’s website, it is still available for purchase at some pet stores and online retailers like Amazon.

That being said, you may find that certain varieties of litter are harder to find than others. But if you look hard enough, chances are you’ll be able to locate your preferred type of Ever Clean cat litter.

Is There a Replacement Option?

If you can’t seem to find your favorite type of Ever Clean cat litter anywhere, don’t worry—there are a few other reliable brands out there that provide similar features as this one did.

For example, World’s Best Cat Litter offers a multi-cat formulation with odor control capabilities similar to those found in Ever Clean Cat Litter. Additionally, Tidy Cats LightWeight cat litter provides superior clumping power with low tracking and less dust than traditional formulas offer.


Despite its disappearance from Hartz’s website and some pet stores’ shelves, Ever Clean Cat Litter has not been discontinued; it is still available for purchase online and at certain retailers across the country.

If you cannot find your preferred variety of this brand of cat litter anywhere however, there are other reliable options out there that may suit your needs just as well—including World’s Best Cat Litter and Tidy Cats LightWeight—so don’t hesitate to explore these alternatives if necessary!

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