Is Activyl for Cats and Dogs Discontinued?

Activyl for cats and dogs is a flea preventative that has been used by pet owners for years. Unfortunately, in 2021, production of this product was discontinued.

Many pet owners are left wondering what to do now that Activyl is no longer available. Let’s take a look at the replacement options and offers available to help you protect your furry friend from fleas.

Activyl Replacement Options

The good news is that there are several alternative products available on the market today that can provide the same level of protection from fleas as Activyl did.

These include Revolution Plus, Profender, Cheristin, Bravecto, and Comfortis. Each of these products is designed to provide long-lasting protection from fleas and ticks for cats and dogs alike.

Additionally, most of them also offer protection against other parasites like heartworm or roundworms.

Discontinued Product Offers

If you still have unopened boxes of Activyl on hand, there are several retailers who are offering discounts on select products in exchange for these items.

Petco is offering a 25% discount on any over-the-counter Flea & Tick product when customers bring in their unused Activyl boxes; Walmart is accepting unopened boxes of Activyl in exchange for 10% off any Frontline Gold tick or flea product; and PetSmart is providing customers with the same 10% discount when they trade in their unused Activyl products as well.


Activyl has been an effective flea-preventative option for cats and dogs for many years; unfortunately, production was discontinued earlier this year.

However, there are still plenty of alternatives on the market that can provide just as much protection as Activyl did before it was discontinued.

To make sure your pet remains safe from fleas, check out one of the many replacement options available at various retailers today – many even offer discounts when you bring in unopened boxes of Activyl! With all these options available, you’ll be able to find something that works best for you and your pet’s needs.

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